How to Plan for Flexibility in Design Research | Think Company

  • Recruiting and scheduling the right people at the right time
  • Planning to use technology or tools that are new or unavailable to participants
  • Time or budget constraints that don’t align with an ideal research approach
  • Something new that can’t be predicted

Common Research Challenges and Ways to Adapt

Challenge: Participant availability doesn’t align with the ideal research timeline

How to adapt: Find ways to shift the interview format

Challenge: Niche audiences are difficult to reach

How to adapt: Think creatively to find expanded but relevant audiences

Challenge: Participants have trouble accessing research tools and technology

How to adapt: Create a plan, and a backup plan, for every step that requires technology

Challenge: Time and budget don’t permit the ideal research method

How to adapt: Consider alternative research methods that could be layered together

Challenge: Research conversations may be seen as a threat to employee or customer relationships with a company

How to adapt: Budget the time to mindfully build trust

Overall, Stay Focused on What You’re Trying to Learn



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